Our corporate responsibility principles inform our day-to-day work, as well as our business strategy.

For example, we don’t just provide customers with safe, secure and comfortable tenancies - we help them access training and learning opportunities to improve their employment prospects.

We also help people learn the skills they need to maintain their tenancies and participate in their communities. This contributes to their health, wellbeing and quality of life and has a positive impact on the neighbourhood, and society as a whole, creating a virtuous circle.

There are four themes to our corporate social responsibility:

Creating social value and meeting our corporate responsibilities is at the heart of our operations.


Our neighbourhoods are successful and sustainable in the long term and we work to help customers reach their potential.

Our corporate social responsibility work is undertaken across all Group companies. It is supported by Places Impact — a charitable organisation established to support long-term sustainability and social value in the Group’s neighbourhoods.


We develop the potential of our people and customers in a diverse society

Places for People is committed to creating environments where our people and customers have opportunities to achieve their potential. We have created a working environment that supports our vision and values. We embrace diversity because we believe what makes us different makes us stronger.


We work with others to create a fairer society and sustainable communities.

At Places for People, we are committed to building strong communities with a sense of togetherness and tackling inequality to create a fairer, sustainable society. In our experience, mixed-income, mixed-tenure neighbourhoods provide sustainable places in the long term. We address issues locally by engaging residents and building relationships with local partners.


We reduce our environmental impact.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our business operations on the environment. We work in cooperation with our customers, communities and other businesses to drive forward the green agenda and generate efficiencies.

Slavery and human trafficking statement

Our policies to resist modern slavery and human trafficking.

Diversity and equality

Equality is part of everything we do.

Tax strategy

Outlining our strategic tax objectives.