Social impact outcomes delivered


£87.9m in social value generated by our affordable housing businesses


£198.2m in social value from our 127 leisure centres


2,762 people supported into education, employment or training


10,000 people helped who were homeless or at risk of being homeless

Underpinning our social impact goals are our impact criteria:

  • Innovative: New ideas to deliver social change are tested.
  • Measurable: Effective processes are in place to measure social impact and learn.
  • Purposeful: All activities are directed at addressing a clear social issue in a timely way that aligns with Group priorities.
  • Accessible: Services will be accessible and inclusive.
  • Collaborative: We will work in partnership across the Group and externally.
  • Transferable: Approaches that we test will have the potential to be replicated across the Group in other neighbourhoods.

creating aspirational places, delivering social impact

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