The main way we pay suppliers is through Bank Automated Clearing System (BACS). We email remittance advice at the same time - so make sure you give us the correct email address.

Payments are processed every week and funds will be available in your bank account in three banking days. If we pay you by cheque, we'll attach the information to the cheque.

Payment terms

All sums become due for payment on the 30th day following the date of the invoice. We will honour clauses that have been agreed which vary the terms of payment. Our standard conditions of purchase (pdf) also include provision for late payment in accordance with the November 1998 Act of Parliament.

We reserve the right to withhold payment where goods or services have not been provided in accordance with the contract.

We expect our suppliers to pay any sums due to sub-contractors promptly and within a period not exceeding that set out above.

Avoid payment delays

Make sure your invoice matches the purchase order received from Places for People.

What to include on your invoice

Non-compliant invoices will be sent back. This may delay payment. Make sure you include:

  • Valid purchase order number
  • Addressed to Places for People or relevant subsidiary. Department or staff names are not sufficient
  • Supplier's name and address in full
  • The word invoice (or if a credit, the words credit note)
  • Invoice number (this should be unique for every invoice)
  • Invoice date
  • Value and currency
  • Description of goods and services rendered
  • Places for People purchase order number and PO item number (if applicable)
  • Contact details of Places for People representative
  • Any unique reference number or information requested by the Places for People representative if requested
  • The VAT number and the invoice should be split between the net value of goods and services, the rate and amount of VAT and the gross (total) value of the invoice
  • If the invoice is for works which fall under the construction industry tax legislation, a split of the labour and materials elements will also be required and you're a supplier who requires deductions of tax.

If you invoice by email

We use an intelligent and streamlined Invoice Management System (IMS) which provides improved visibility and control of your invoices.

We are now able to accept scanned PDF invoices by e-mail. We have set up a dedicated e-mail address to receive our invoices:

If you invoice by paper

It's important that your invoice is of good quality and easy to read. The invoice should be on white A4 paper, clearly printed in black and without highlighter marks. Handwritten invoices are not acceptable.

Send your invoice to


Places for People
Accounts Payable
4 The Pavilions

Outstanding payment queries

Tel: 0800 587 8840
08:30am to 16:00pm
Monday to Friday.